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V1.7 Build1202

  • Improvement: Add coordinate conversion tool.
  • Improvement: When the software is closed, the current page layout will be saved.
  • Improvement: Optimize log back function.
  • Improvement: Support keyword search in the module selection box.
  • Improvement: Add support LC29T.
  • Improvement: Support Survey-in progress display.
  • Improvement: Add 2D Acc and 3D Acc display boxes.
  • Improvement: Add NMEA to KML tool.
  • Improvement: Optimized QGNSSLog tools.
  • Bug fix: Deviation map positioning point display error.
  • Bug fix: LC29H AGNSS file download error.

V1.5.8 Build0812

  • Improvement: When the module model selection, you can enter the keyword selection.
  • Improvement: Add the parser settings feature.
  • Improvement: Add the LLH coordinates to the ECEF.
  • Improvement: Add the LG69T-series erase configuration.
  • Improvement: (QGNSS Log)When there is no NMEA sentence in the added file or there is an error in saving, a pop-up window will prompt.
  • Improvement: (QGNSS Log)The dynamic display of data in the information panel will only be displayed according to the frequency bands that exist in the log.
  • Improvement: (QGNSS Log)Supports all constellation bands except SBAS satellites.
  • Improvement: (QGNSS Log)Added one-click copying of the average, maximum, and minimum values ​​of all frequency bands.
  • Improvement: (QGNSS Log)Added open file path save function.
  • Improvement: (QGNSS Log)Added overload right-click pop-up menu (clear and reset) function, keyboard key F5 shortcut key reset curve.
  • Improvement: (QGNSS Log)Add menu bar View view selection line chart and scatter chart display.
  • Bug fix: Some issues with the L26-DR & L26-T & L89 & LC98S & LC29DA & LG69TAP & LC79H & LC76G firmware upgrade.
  • Bug fix: Fixed the problem that data is received by the high-speed transceiver serial port with LG69TAP Download parity setting.
  • Bug fix: Some issues with the LC29DA firmware upgrade.
  • Bug fix: Some issues with the LG69TAP firmware upgrade.
  • Bug fix: Some issues with the LC79H firmware upgrade.
  • Bug fix: (QGNSS Log)Fix the interface blank bug caused by the time and date Y-axis error.
  • Bug fix: (QGNSS Log)Fix the bug of average CNo value error in 10Hz log.
  • Bug fix: (QGNSS Log)Fix the flashback bug for files larger than 200MB 1Hz.
  • Bug fix: (QGNSS Log)Fix the problem of blurred distribution of line chart in 10hz view.

V1.5.7 Build0707

  • Improvement: Add the QGNSS Log(Log analysis tool).
  • Improvement: Add NTRIP client disconnection reconnect.
  • Improvement: Support for some module firmware download.
  • Improvement: Support the LC26Y AGNSS.
  • Improvement: Support TianDi map, need to input the key to use(Setting->Preferences).
  • Improvement: Support LC26G & LC76G & LC86G cold start, hot start, reset, configuration constellation mask and baud rate.
  • Improvement: Support the Command console automatically add the NMEA checksum.
  • Improvement: Support configuration LC79DA & LC79DC & LG69TAS & LG69TAP.
  • Bug fix: Command console CRLF invalid.

V1.5.6 Build0524

  • Improvement: Support configuration LG69TAQ & LG69TAM & L26UDR & L26ADRC & L26ADR & L26T & L26P & LC98S & LC79D(A).
  • Improvement: Optimize the command console.
  • Improvement: Support for some module firmware download.
  • Bug fix: Delete the wrong Tooltip.

V1.5.5 Build0328

  • Improvement: Add raw data console.
  • Improvement: Optimize all console interfaces.
  • Improvement: Binary console increased the display of rctm3 message ID.
  • Improvement: Support LC98S to distinguish constellation through PRN.
  • Improvement: Optimize button icons.
  • Improvement: Optimize the log system.
  • Improvement: Optimize LC79D LTO download function.

V1.5.4 Build0125

  • Improvement: Support AGNSS function of LC29H.
  • Improvement: Support TTFF test function of LC29H.
  • Improvement: Optimize the message view.
  • Improvement: Optimized signal level window.
  • Improvement: Text console filter case insensitive.
  • Improvement: Binary console add timestamp.
  • Improvement: Support PRN range in TeseoIII.
  • Bug fix: LC76F AGNSS download failed.

V1.5.3 Build1202

  • Improvement: Remove Google map, add OSM map.
  • Improvement: Support RTCM multi-frequency decoding.
  • Improvement: Optimize Baidu online map.
  • Improvement: Add display fix mode.
  • Bug fix: Fixed LC76F-AGNSS unable to send time and location.

V1.5.2 Build1108

  • Improvement: Add LC29Y configuration interface.
  • Improvement: Add LC76F AGNSS function.
  • Improvement: When parsing RTCM sentences, it will be converted to NMEA and saved to a file.
  • Improvement: Optimize the log system.

V1.5.2 Build0926

  • Improvement: Support L76K AGNSS data download.
  • Improvement: Optimize the DeviationMap
  • Improvement: DeviationMap add ability to pan data view using right click and mouse move.
  • Improvement: DeviationMap Add scroll mouse to zoom in and out.
  • Improvement: The green points in DeviationMap indicate RTK positioning points.
  • Improvement: The title bar shows which application is currently open.

V1.5.2 Build0906

  • Improvement: Modify the timing of TTFF.
  • Bug fix: Fix the generated GGA format error.

V1.5.2 Build0902

  • Improvement: Add LC29D configuration instructions(GLL VTG GNS).

V1.5.2 Build0901

  • Improvement: Added RESP display in Message View.
  • Improvement: Add Full Cold Start button.
  • Bug fix: Fix tool crash caused by non-standard GSA statement.

V1.5.2 Build0816

  • Improvement: Added Messages View.
  • Improvement: The Message View will display the LG69TAA firmware version.
  • Improvement: Added restart commands for LC76F, LC29Y and L76K.
  • Improvement: Added L76K Configuration View.
  • Improvement: Added AGE display in the Data View.
  • Improvement: Save data from NTRIP Server.
  • Bug fix: Fix parsing error during RTCM3 log playback.

V1.5.2 Build0608

  • Improvement: Added GSA analysis of NMEA_4.11 version.
  • Improvement: Optimize the TTFF UI.
  • Improvement: The clear button will clear the signal view.
  • Improvement: Added manual check for updates.
  • Improvement: Text Console adds a timestamp option.
  • Bug fix: Change the FTP connection mode.

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